Baby Moo Maa Deluxe Pram Footmuffs 

A gorgeous addition to your pram, our footmuffs attach to your pram seat and provide warmth, privacy and a touch of pizzazz. 

They can be made to match your pram liner or can be made in natural colours to match or compliment your pram.

They are made with a thick cloud like inner for total warmth and comfort.

* There will be some ready made footmuffs available regularly however footmuffs can be custom ordered please contact us through one of our social media pages or via our contact page.

They attach easily to any pram with a belly bar, if you don't have a belly bar on your pram please contact us as we can make allowances for prams without belly bars and custom make a footmuff for you.

There are two sizes available 

DELUXE PRAM FOOTMUFF for single prams and double prams that have inline seats 

DELUXE DOUBLE PRAM FOOTMUFF for SIDE BY SIDE double prams that have narrower seats than a standard single pram.