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Baby Moo Maa bedding has been born so you can create your perfect sleeping space, add style and individuality to your baby's sleeping space.

Can't see your perfect fabric choice please contact Baby Moo Maa on one of our Social Media platforms or send an email so we help.

Complete Nursery Bedding Collection, Bedding, Blankets and Playmats.

Our bedding collection consists of...

Petite Sheets suitable for Moses Baskets, Changing Baskets and Pram Bassinets. They adjust to fit oval mattress size up to approximately 76cm x 42cm. Petite sheet are cut in an oval shape so they will not fit a rectangular mattress, if you have a rectangular mattress you will need our Bassinet Sheets.

Bassinet Sheets & Change Mat Covers are suitable for standard sized rectangular and larger oval bassinets, they also double as Change Mat Covers. They adjust to fit a mattress sized up to 88cm x 54cm, if you require a custom size please contact us.

Cot Sheets are suitable for standard and Boori Cots. They are made to fit mattress size up to 133 x 78cm. They will adjust to fit most cot mattress sizes, if you require a custom size sheet please contact us.

Cot Quilts and Quilt Covers are sized at 105cm x 120cm, if you requite a custom size please contact us.

We have extended our range to include matching and coordinating quilts and quilt covers, pillow cases and blankets and are handy floor play mats.